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@Jo Anne - what's the name and make of the grey used in kitchen project? It's a good pick.
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Bree Leanne
I'm loving the granite used for the pocket kitchen! Is it possible to get more detail about where it's from, how to find it, or what's it's called?
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I liked kitchen number 2 best – despite the
detested ubiquitous white subway tiles – it is very inviting and the just the
right sort of grey.

I understand some people’s disenchantment
with grey per se. I think it is because so often ‘grey’ is not done right. And
yet its enduring popularity shows that it is a colour that delivers what
decorators (and art photographers) want: infinite possibilities.
It is all about the undertones - just like white it can morph into just about
any mood you desire depending on the tone or tones that subtly give it its
character by shining through ‘beneath the skin’.

I find grey a very cerebral colour to use
in decoration because it demands a lot of thought and fine-tuning to hit on the
right shade. Unlike black which is just about the most undemanding go-to shade
for anyone who wants instant drama, grey needs loads of finesse and sometimes
boldness to tweak the variables of light, association, texture, tint, hue,
saturation, etc. into just the right mood. Essentially, although grey is
supposed to be a neutral – and I guess it is because it is so versatile, at the
same time, I guess it really isn’t because of its ability to solicit such a
strong visceral response...

I think many sense this and rather than
torment themselves only to end up with pedestrian results, they give it a pass
altogether. For those who like a challenge and are tenacious enough, satisfaction
is guaranteed. I dislike more shades of grey than I like, but those I do like,
I like intensely. Grey is intriguing.


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