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I'm a pretty keen DIYer and handyman but I still agree with pretty much everything in this article. I don't know why TV shows try to depict DIY projects as something so easy and simple. Better Homes and Gardens is the worst for this. "I'll show you how to make this desk/table/chair/whatever for under $100" - yeah, using $2000 worth of power tools.
I always laugh when they say 'throw a coat of paint on it" as if painting is this super quick task that should only take a few minutes. Painting is very easy and anyone with hands can do it, but it is very time consuming. Prepping, taping, cleaning, undercoat, cutting in, rolling over, clean up, drying time. Then 1st coat, clean up, drying time again. Then second coat, clean up, drying time again. All that can easily take an entire day. Some paints require 24 hours between coats! And this is if you only choose one colour! Go for two colours and it takes twice as long.

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scottybeez !
Oh I'm so glad that somebody has had the G**TS to say this!
I"ve been renovating a 1924 miner's cottage ( doesn;t it sound quaint and cute?!) for the last 30 between being a city bred spoilt gal who didn;t even know how to cook, not knowing one end of a bit of timber from the other much less the sizes, the kinds, the names, what they were used for or anything else...and nothing about power tools...and heaps more!
This was the only way I was going to get a roof over my head to call my head down in the DIY books, pester the local buildres and handymen, grow some serious callouses instead of varnished nails, grow muscluar and bone strength hauling wood for the fire in my old between nursing squashed digits, cuts and bruises and a really tired body that didn't care what it wore to bed...forget the satin nighties and the face cream!

Its been a hard slog.
YES if you want to do the job you need the tools for the job and if you don't know how to use the blinkin' things you ask a "bushie" or the bloke next door....he'll always be amused to teach a girl how to...hold a screwdriver, how to turn on a power drill, how to use a sander and that you have to wear gloves when applying paint stripper!!!
I have as many power tools as any handyman and then some...for the more artistic jobs...and the blokes borrow these from me...its a bit of a funny scene actually but I've made heaps of friends becoming a DIY-er!
NO its not as easy as pie and nothing costs less than $100...not when you've spent years accumulating the right TOOLS to make it.....and then the ones that 'you' with your small hands can keep a hold of!
YES you need to spend $$$$ on tools and learn to maintain them in working order...and be a bit posessive of them too when you've learnt that buying cheap tools is false economy! need to be careful if a 'mate' of sorts who after warching you slog it out offers to help know....the fella with one eye on the job and the other on your nice new Makita?
SCOTTYBEEZ..( suppose depending on where you live).did you happen to see last week's LIVING ROOM? The bathroom reno for the 40's bungalow....where the nice new white, pristine flat pack Bathroom cabinets were..."made in a jiffy"...with screwed-together.... MELAMINE LAMINATED CHIP BOARD???? Even I got the heebie jeebies!
Suppose it looks easy when you cram a few days work into 45 minutes with the magic of TV programming...but its not easy is it!?
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I think one of the problems is houzz is international, many blogs are from overseas, and the rules and regulations are different in each country, so people look and think, say, in Australia, that it must be easy and simple to whack in extra lighting or rip out a sink and put a whole new laundry in. Then they get into difficulty and find they need a professional. It is illegal in Australia to muck about with power, plumbing and gas. Yet in USA it is accepted that some of the mucking about is quite ok.

Asbestos comes to mind when DIY is involved. How many people realise that asbestosis and mesothelioma is now on the rise again in the under 30's due to improper recognition of fibre cement sheet usage and disposal?

Too many DIY shows are glibly glossing over the asbestos, tradie issue in Australia. With the internet being so international no wonder people get into trouble!

I am a DIY'er from a long way back but always now when I am not confident or out of my depth, and will give in graciously. DIY does take some knowledge and that often is neglected in the case of 'buy cheap, do it up and sell for a big profit' day and age.
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