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Specialty Air Inc.
All vintage materials whether its a piece of wood furniture , a crockery or anything for that matter have their own importance with respect to its emotional value, price and even beauty. The images of the crockery shared by you are very beautiful but it is also a challenge to take care of them very well.
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The word you should be using in place of martini glass is cocktail glass. A Martini is a specific GIN drink. The word cocktail has become interchangeable with highballs (scotch & soda), drinks in a rocks glass (Mai Tai) and many other "species" of alcoholic drinks since the end of prohibition. But let us not devolve the cocktail glass. Sincerely, a "cocktail" geek.
Otherwise, I love the idea of highlighting the use of vintage barware!
(PS All drinks with a base alcohol and alcohol mixers: Martini, Manhattan, etc. should be stirred. Shake when using fruit juice, eggs, cream, etc.)
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Eight Mile Vintage on Etsy
I love bakelite bar tools. I'm currently searching for another of these to keep for myself:
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