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Deena Parsolano
@coray. I guess that means I have enough closet space. LOL. And, maybe I don't need more clothrs? I use the closets in the 2 other bedrooms to store comforters, etc. My Mom's bedroom (she doesn't live with us, but visits a couple of times a year...and likes that it's "hers".) has an old toy box/bench with a leather seat. I store guest linens inside there.

I'm with your Mom on the linens... I'm not really good at fashion, but since I cook, I do like to set a nice table. I entertain often, as my husband is handicapped and it's easier for him to be at home than to go out. Plus, I just love a beautifully set table...probably how many women feel about clothes.

(The sporks came with the set. I had to look up how they should be used. Apparently, they are for mock turtle soup or certain desserts. Who knew? I drove my Mom crazy by asking her where they belonged in a place setting. . If I knew how much it would disconcert her, I would have bought them years ago. There's nothing like getting one over on Mom. Now she wants sporks, too. Yup, getting her them for Christmas.)

Now, kitchen gadgets...I'm talking about old fashioned stuff. I'm a pie crust crimper, old eggbeater, washboard girl. I have a Veg-O-matic! So, not the food processor type, but probably half a dozen chopping boards, over a dozen cookie sheets, and cast iron pans for everything.

You sound like someone where I'd think "friend" if we ever met. It has been a pleasure.

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Deena Parsolano
@P M The set came with sporks. It was a complete surprise to me, too. My first thought was, huh, are these for formal Sloppy Joes? (flasback to elementary school) BUT, then I looked it up...

I do entertain and have a large family that visits, so some things make sense. (Not the sporks...apparently they are making a comeback. When I looked it up I found out they were popular in the 1800's for mock turtle soup. So, I guess I need to serve mock turtle soup?)

But, feeding a dozen people on holidays, yeah, I go all out. Maybe if they visited more often... LOL. Either that, or my Grandma, who was fierce about a properly set table...

I'm going to call it an inherited quirk.

Oh, Grandma also had a massive closet, and had a spare room as a 2nd closet. She had more clothes than Macy's. I can't live up to the clothes thing...but the table setting, that I can do. (I'm partially color blind, you don't need to see color variations to set a table.)
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Cindy Campbell

We turned a tiny bedroom in our circa 1917 Victorian into a dream Dressing Room. The little blue bedroom was oddly located anyway, as you had to go through it to enter our Master Bathroom. So we cut a doorway through the Master BR's teensie closet into the little befroom, and Viola!: a Master Suite! And with 12' ceilings, I had the room for 3 levels of hanging clothes. And the original closet became a cubby in the new doorway, perfect for purses & hats. (After & Before pics posted.) PS - Amateur Warning: we did ALL the work and design ourselves.

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