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Here's my list, based on too many real-life experiences as a homeowner:

  1. How long will this project take?
  2. No, really, how long?
  3. Define "days."
  4. How many days a week do you work?
  5. What is the length of a typical work day?
  6. Are you accounting for the inevitable weather and illness delays, or will you express great surprise and use this as an excuse when this (inevitably) occurs?
  7. When you say "x days," does that mean, in a row?
  8. When can you start?
  9. No, really, when?
  10. What date can I expect to be able to use that part of my house?
  11. Are you willing to be contractually obligated to finish by a certain date and incur a financial penalty for being late?
  12. Why not?
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Add #10..."How many of your workers/sub-contractors are addicted to weed/drugs, booze or porn"?

May sound silly, but finding out that your house is being inhabited for weeks at a time by any organism with any of these "character flaws", can be a nightmare for you, your family and children. And if necessary have your contractor sign a contract guaranteeing that NONE of his subs are likewise "inclined".

Workers that don't show-up, consistently arrive late, leave early or don't return from lunch or are arrested in your driveway is NO fun, no matter how "great" the photos of their previous remodels are, And finding one of them in your daughter's underwear drawer is HARROWING!

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A very important question that should always be asked and should be a deal breaker if the answer is "NO" is Do you have Contractors' Liability Insurance and Workers' Compensation for you and your employees? Before work begins make sure you are added as an additional insured on the policy for the time period that the work is being performed and get a certificate of Insurance


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