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Yes, mandcsmamadee - we are limited only by our imaginations (and a cash flow!) to realize our dreams. Aleanor, love the middle eastern examples, and have seen similar on my travels. However, I'm not looking to do anything with our block walls. Highly patterned block walls would detract from all that's planted, rather than showcase the flowers. I do already have the lovely sound of running water from the small bubbler fountain-birdbath. My goal was more of adding privacy from neighbors, but thanks for your input!

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I like a lot of these ideas. I love lattices whether or not vines are covering them. I have also used canvas awning material in a terra cotta shade to make standing panels where a fence was impractical or ugly. For running water I have a small swimming pool with a small waterfall. Since it is a salt pool I also set out birdbaths very close by. The birds do not attempt to drink the saltwater but it is only mildly salty and they will often bathe on the lip of the gentle waterfall. I have surrounded the pool with a fence that I painted sage green. People objected initially but now admit that it is soothing and pleasant. I do have small trees also on the street and driveway side. They are flowering trees-crepe myrtles, redbuds, and Vitex or Texas lilac and crabapples. They bloom at different times and are interspersed so from May to Sept. there is something blooming around the pool. Bees are very attracted but not aggressive and one hummingbird visits every year. I have also planted salvias and morning glories in pots around the pool . But so far as I can tell the hummingbird wants the easy breakfast and dinner at the neighbors' feeders and only comes to my house in a pinch ! I do think that Europeans are more likely to build or have lovely stone walls. If there is a fence there are attempts to have it be pretty. In America we pay a lot for a very ugly " privacy " fence of very rough wood in an unattractive color. If you want something prettier it will cost a great deal and you have to be insistent. It is nice to read articles about how to give your garden a good framework.

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Sounds interesting HU....any pictures?
When I commented on this post last year and said I had planted peonies....well....I have a few flowers now. I was so happy when I saw the buds and now.....just enough to put in a vase


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