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I love it for what it is. A masterful space highlighting the owner's interests in a well designed and beautiful environment. Well done well designed and well executed. I love the Scuderia scudetto on the sink. Toolboxes? They're hidden in plain sight. You have to know where to look.

One mans excess is another's modesty.

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Whatever you want to say about the motives, the structure is beautifully done, and the cars are gorgeous. Yes, you have to be fabulously wealthy to do this. As for what else could be done with the money -- well, absolutely none of the renovations featured on Houzz would take place if everyone donated all their hard earned cash to feeding the world's hungry whether they be humans/animals. I applaud charitable giving, but what is really needed is education, responsible birth control [I am for spay/neuter release] and for the laws to uphold animal welfare. On a final note, my husband has a huge collection of tools, which inevitably take up too much space and are left lying about and get in the way, so whether this garage has them or not, you at least have to give the guy credit that it is kept neat and tidy! :) BTW hubbie has a car that he takes to the track...and he would be over the moon to have a big garage to keep several amazing cars in.
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Just read a story about your 69 Vette. Apparently they think there is only left owned by Danny Reed. They believe the rest are gone. Just wanted you to know. Todd

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