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Suzanne Melton

Over the years, I've used lots of different storage companies in a half dozen or so communities.

Only one time, in the early '90s, was there a problem. The manager called me at work to tell me that some people came over the back fence and broke into a bunch of lockers.

I arrived after work to find my lock jimmied and a few boxes opened. THEY DIDN'T WANT ANY OF MY STUFF!

I've heard that most of the people breaking in are looking for guns and other weapons.

We moved here five years ago and had three 10'x30' lockers and one 10'x10' locker (total of 1,000sf). We're down to 400sf, our goal this year is to get down to zero square feet.

We want the last two to look like this:

Just thought of something: I had to get something from an employer's locker one November. Opposite was a 5'x10' locker rented by parents for only two or three months. They had a table set up with wrapping paper and ribbon and presents stacked in the back. I thought it was a very smart way to keep "the kids" from sneaking into closets before Christmas.

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I had to rent a unit for about 18 mo. I can't stress enough that if you know going into it the length of time you plan to rent then negotiate the cost for the length of the rental. Mine started at $90/mo and 18 months later they had just raised the price again to $240/mo. Needless to say I had to make other arrangements

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