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All of these kitchens are photo ready beautiful. I would love to see how they operate on a daily basis with the rigors of life: kids, dogs, spaghetti sauce, the blender top pop-off, etc.
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After trawling through 90 odd comments to find the one which Houzz told me had been ticked with a "like" - I had forgotten my own long-ago comment - I do also definitely like the kitchen accessorised with bright accents"!

Please, is it possible in this computerised Houzz website, to show the person's comment which has been "liked" WITH A SIMPLE ONE-CLICK? It does say "To See Comment" in the box, but to reiterate, you very often have to trawl through often, many many subsequent/past comments - sometimes months back - to find the one about which you were notified. It seems the "click to see comment" doesn't always function. Perhaps there are a finite number of comments before the 'click on comment' system breaks down? It is always good to refresh one's memory - mine perhaps being shorter than most! - of past comments made, but verrry frustrating to have to take that often long, dizzying scroll, to look for it!

Having said that, I suppose that's part of the plan... re-introducing a sometimes long-past post, alerting you quite rightly when "Someone liked your comment on..." , and then, just as just now, gaining yet another new comment on same - this time the result of all that frustrated scrolling :D Comments on Houzz are always so interesting and varied, and very often informative...but please can you fix the 'one-click' button? Thank you, thank you :)

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Can you tell me the brand of under counter microwave pictured? Not all brands manufacturers undercounter microwaves.
Esp Without a pull handle as shown in picture. The micros houzz recommends
Are not under counter nor handless.
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