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Greetings from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The space looks like a Southwest garden for the most part. Good work, design team.

Pea gravel is the easiest to keep weeded. May Night salvia, lamb's ears, and ice plant grow well here, too. Albuquerque is a high altitude desert.

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We also bought a home with a gravel driveway and "yard". In spite of cleaning up and replacing gravel, it still gets some weeds. After storms and in the fall, it is necessary to blow off the leaves and other debris to keep it from degrading and making "dirt" in the gravel (raking pulls up the gravel). The gravel also needs swept from sidewalks, the garage and the street and cleaned out of the flower beds at times. It holds the heat from the sun. You need to be careful when you shovel snow off the driveway. That said, it does not need watered, mowed, and is a permeable surface for water drainage so we keep it. It is not "no maintainance" I would not use it for mulch in flower/shrub beds, though, in the area where we live.

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virtual solutions

.... personally speaking (.. from virtual solutions.... that is...) i think a space in terms of actual designer.... an space can potentially integrate various potential functions (do not forget form..., yet it is not essential...)... a lawn area for children playing (or a droid.... chasing a paper.... or her catalogue or whatever....).. of course the unfolding colour vista from the front entrance.. is reasonable the absence of light features at the gate.... and towards the front entrance... could be challenging for those whom like work late or whatever... (picking up the kids from virtual Battle chess tournaments....)

A statue upon one of the sides.. would allow some of the moss theeeur top be lazily draping across it... with a nice lantern... hanging the torch thing to prevent steampunk vampires and what not... all of a sudden the moss is more proficiently utilised (without virtual solutions.... what would a personage dooo....).... of course conditions can have an potential impact for the selection options of foliage or materials and hence - colour schemes or profiles.. including texture what not.. however.... a personage thinking on their feet... could include more structure than just a one tier layer of landscape design.. a second or a third... heaven forbid... - this would include the shrub... and statue layer... and then of course pagolas (an Australian term for awesome.....).. are part of trees in a third tier... filling some of this space with items for an eye to view... however obviously for function purposes.... access to the bins is necessary... however the visual vista was not spoilt for tha'.. .earthy tones.... yet not as kid friendly as i would fancy....'nuff said...


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