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Hot with hot means taking any color at its most intense level--like magenta (purpley pink) or hot pink (fuschia) for example--and pairing it with a similarly strong color such as a clear primary orange (as opposed to a dusky, rusty orange). For example, combining pink and yellow or pink and orange is usually considered--for very good reason--a very big no-no. Yet if you think of hot with hot like stained glass, equally strong, clear colors can look fabulous together. You can see this in some multi-color zinnia mixes. You can also see it in things like Hawaiian shirts (not my style!) which combine strong, equally clear colors and which do not include pastels,

Conversely, cool with cool can be the same. Think of an easter basket with soft pastels where a pale, soft apricot can loook really pretty with a very soft pastel pink. However, if you took a bright clear orange and put it with a soft pastel pink it would look absolutely hideous.

But at the end of the day, your eye is the most important so you should march to your own drummer and plant whatever combination of colors please you. Say adios to the taste police.
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Loved it all. Most perenials have short lasting bloom. I'm a little puzzled how to acheve such gorgeous look, but have 6 months ahead.
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So wonderful - thank you very much


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