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Sebastian Rhodes

Great tips for utilizing the space you already have. Sometimes you do end up having to declutter though, as a living space only has so much usable room, though getting rid of things can be pretty difficult. Something that
worked for me was putting things into storage for a while (using Closetbox,
which was super convenient and easy on my schedule),
and if I found that not having things around was okay, I could get rid of

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Wow! I love the 2 story garage idea! I , too, switch out clothes , etc seasonally, and it would be so nice to have a comfy getaway to try on stored clothes, and a clean, cheerful environment where I could relax while packing and unpacking pool stuff, holiday collections, etc.
Also, when you live in a small space, you are constantly having to clean up, and put away EVERYTHING , even projects that are ALMOST done. Wouldn't it be soooo nice to leave something on a table, undisturbed, and out of the way until you could get back to it after work?!
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MySmallSpace UK

Some really great tips here! Our favourite is definitely the multi-functional furniture idea.There are so many innovative pieces out there on the market these days!

We sell a large variety of multi-functional furniture for small spaces from a variety of different retailers to help you enhance the space you have available!

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