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Susan DeFelice

My son rescued a young kestrel when he was five; the bird had come down near our barn in an ice storm. It was a male and a sweet thing; once Kessie (named after the Kestrel in the Winnie the Pooh videos) was warm and rested, he followed us from room to room and up to bed, where he perched on my headboard for the night. We found a licensed raptor specialist to keep the bird over the winter and he brought Kessie back to our farm that next spring to release him back into the wild. It was a fun and very hands-on learning experience for my son and I, and a happy ending for all.

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Nice article, sharing as well. Thank you

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Christy Becraft-Fender

I am quickly becoming obsessed with Kestrels...especially the male,so beautiful,the female is also amazing...


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