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Valerie Gross
I have a very small powder room off my kitchen- bright Granny Smith Apple green with hints of red . Get lots of compliments, small room can handle a vibrant color!
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Like many of you, green has always been my favorite color as well. I have loads of green in my home currently, as green appeals to me and is a very calming color for me. I am currently in the process of painting my bathroom and am using a beautiful light celery green color. This color will look beautiful with our wood vanity and storage cabinet, as well as the mirrors we have above our sink. It's also a nice calm color that will be pleasant to see in the early morning hours when doing my morning routine. It will surely help me get my day off on the right foot, I'm sure!! Many people don't seem to realize just how much color can influence you. Color plays a very important role in establishing your mood and/or can even change your mood. People consider color when choosing outfits and clothing, however, they don't seem to realize that the colors they use in their home can and do influence their moods and behavior as well. Just something to consider. For several years, a sage green color seemed to be a rather trendy color, however, now it seems to be not as popular. I have never cared what colors are trendy or not; if I love a color, then I will consider using it in my home whether it's trendy or not. What colors tend to help you feel calm or feel warm and fuzzy? I'd be curious to hear all of your answers. I'm sure they will be varied.

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Amanda Tempel
this can be done see our project at:" src="" data-pin-no-hover="true" width="240" height="331" onmousedown="preventImageDrag(event)" ondragstart="return false" onselectstart="return false" oncontextmenu=",39956745);return false;"/>
Project: Form or Function? This Universal Design Bath Proves You Can Have Both! · See Project
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