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Webado Webada

I was actually thinking of developing a simple database or spreadsheet (even Google Sheets) to store all this sort of information, with precise location for each item. The main purpose for me is to be able to locate that thingamajig you don't remember where you've put. Of course it takes some discipline to keep it current at all times. Secondary benefit is you discover how many of each sort of item you have, so you may decide to get rid of extras.
But all this has been just a thought at the back of my mind that gets revived every time I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for something.

I have to add that I am a computer professional so developing this application would be quite within my capabilities. Taking inventory however is another story and that's why I've not done it despite thinking about it for years ;)

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I use a spreadsheet. It is a tedious process. One advantage I read to doing a household inventory is you can compare the total value of your "stuff" with the amount you're insured for, and then alter the amount up or down as appropriate.

I haven't got to that point yet!

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After my dad died, when my mother was finally ready to part with some of his things, it seemed that every single item was too full of memories to put on the "give or sell" pile. That included three ratty old hunting caps! Finally, in desperation, I plopped one on each of our heads - mom, my sister, and me. We laughed hysterically, and that was when the photo was snapped. The photo was enough for her, and we ditched the ugly orange hats. No, not a complete inventory, but - um - that will never happen. The three-car garage still has no room for cars.

As the daughter of a packrat, I did go so far as to inventory my fabric, complete with photos, fiber content, yardage, and identifying numbers, before packing it all for moving. You have no idea how many individual lengths of fabric it takes to fill 33 boxes!


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