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OMG, that VW fridge is so cute! Totally impractical but so fun -- just like a VW bus. I wonder if you could paint a fridge like that yourself.

We had a blue and white 1974 bus -- a wedding gift from dh's parents back in 1983. A bear to drive with a dual carburetor system that typically misfired, but we have good memories of that and of dh's first car, a 1968 bug named "Baby." The best VW we had was a little white Rabbit, it was so much fun to drive that peppy little thing, which I landed in a deep wooded ravine one winter when I slid off the road -- it took 2 tow trucks to get it back out (no one was hurt, nor the car, just one tire blew out). The old ad used to say "It's not a car, it's a Volkswagen," and I used to reply, "You can say that again!" LOL Dh used to spend a lot of time fixing those cars in the early days of our marriage! Fun memories.

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Blue Wren

@gbthrone and @suburbanguy . Yes, those Smeg fridges look cute, but they are, apparently, total rubbish. Read any online reviews and you'll get the gist. According to many reviews the plastic bits inside break off in very short order (many complaining that it happened in less than a year). And, yes, they are tiny.

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Mariele Storm

@gbthrone That is, unfortunately, very true, and it's good you pointed it out. And although this might sound goofy, I know people who have had great success painting their fridges and dishwashers. It's an option I'm certainly looking at in the future. ;) If you find one with lines that are similar to that of the era, it's just a matter of some careful painting! And most stores have a scratch-and-dent section or outlet that will make you feel less guilty about painting up. :)

Quality, size, and price point of the big names, color choices of Smeg. Can't beat that.


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