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There are quite a few garden authors on Houzz who regularly include origin/range, as do most of the better plant databases on the web. But I really appreciate it right there in the article so I can scan quickly. I do try to plant native to my region. The Wikipedia entry for Lonicera pileata says "native to central and southwestern China". What is so hard about that? It is a _really_ good piece of information to have. Yes, cultivars of natives add a little wrinkle to that, but I think you are stretching. And the scientific name itself shows a cultivar. I think origin info is particularly nice for the global audience, and hopefully it will help the novice gardener understand some issues.

As well, I like reading about gardening in other countries (my Dad was a Brit), I just want the articles to be clear about what country we are talking about and including "USDA" zones is a really bad idea for that/misleading. Maybe Houzz can even put a banner on the article with its country or region--that would be nice.
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Craig Stepnucka
Looking for boxwood alternatives which have suffered dearly from recent Chicago winter. Combination of cold snow and salt killed most of them. I wonder if any of the presented plants would have a better Chicago experience.
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