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Brenda Elmore

I like that idea very much, thank you.

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Geraldine Hone

I've always been decluttering stuff here and there - because hubby was a hoarder. We lived in a big apartment unit and so there was space anyway. Then he died, and his death forced me to do a "dostadning" - because primarily, i was going to rightsize my life because i couldn't afford the rent anymore and was going to move to a smaller unit. I am actually more practical than sentimental ... so i was relentless with the decluttering - "sell-donate-throw" ... 20 years of collecting stuff. And i knew what i wanted to keep - things that are going to be useful in my new life. Three years later, i am still decluttering - those stuff that i kept because they were useful to me - then. Now, i am totally getting rid of everything - save for my personal stuff - clothes, shoes, books, documents, and photos, and other beloved items - small ones that can be stored in plastic boxes. I feel that I am heading to a different life now. Different from the life that i had with my hubby, and different from the life that i immediately had after his death. And i feel really good :-)

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Denise Hamilton

It took 2 years to complete , including selling it at the flea market and putting stuff on Craigslist , and giving things away to friends and Goodwill. That includes selling my home and moving in to a nice apartment ( I didn't want the hassle of yard upkeep and house repair anymore) So now I live ' Le Vie Sans Souci ( the carefree life ) ' My 1 child won't be burdoned when I pass away or go to a Nursing home. And that's my gift to a wonderful Son !!


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