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Sayra L.
Wake up! Dreamers. $400 will not get you far. Paint is $28, and up per gallon. We rehabbed a 900 sq ft house recently, and it soaked up thousands. Be realistic!
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I agree with usually takes time and money to renovate, We flip for a living and most pay to much upfront. Be very careful. Your marriage can fail if one person loves it and the other doesn't . I have never lived in renos.
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My last house was a cosmetic fixer (paint, wallpaper, countertops, landscaping, etc.) My next house will be a dramatic fixer, primarily because I can get a renovation loan in order to make sure it comes up to code, up to date, and up to my standards of beauty. :-) I plan to have an inspector and general contractor assess everything before I make my offer. I'm currently looking at a couple of houses that need some serious love but will be beauteous when they are done. And I'm almost 63, and definitely not too old!

I also agree with the folks who indicated that the big work should be left to the professionals. I can paint, wallpaper, dig a hole in the yard, but I can't do any electricity, plumbing, drywall, blah blah blah. Even then, if the house I decide to get is a two story one, that will be painted professionally. I'm allergic to scaffolds!

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