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We tried to grow cherry tomatoes in 5-gallon buckets from Lowe's last summer and I'm wondering from what is said here if those were too small. We drilled holes in the bottoms of the buckets for drainage and mulched with grass clippings, and used cages for support. I think they would have done well if they hadn't been munched by deer when they were small. I covered them after that with netting but they never did catch up well. It was also a drought year here, although it was my best for remembering to water the garden plants! (I have never gardened before.) Small harvest for all the expense and work, although the plants were given to me so they were free. Not sure if I'll bother again this summer.

If I do grow them I'll want the yellow-orange variety that is as sweet as candy, literally. Not sure of the name -- might be the abovementioned Sun Gold. We originally got those from the CSA farm share we used to have.

My friend who gave me the plants, which were pretty large, told me that when you plant them you should literally bury them 2/3 of the way up. This helps them grow a strong root system.

And I love the idea of thinking outside the box -- or outside the practical but not at all attractive bucket -- and making the plants a lovely part of the landscape! Would also like to know the source of that round trellis.

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The round orange trellis is the Gracie Modern Arbor from Several other trellises in the article are also from Great to hear you like it missmgrrl! And thank you Marianne Lipanovich for this fabulous article!

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Awesome article. And very helpful, thankyou.


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