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Paulina V.
Rodney, you clearly haven't had the experience of felling trees with a handsaw, and chopping the wood with a maul (heck, I work with horses that have built log cabins in the mountains). To me, chainsaws are efficient for bigger batches, but if I just want to fell a small tree or two, I reach for the hand tools.

The problem with fireplaces is not that they burn wood, it's how they burn the wood. Especially in areas like Seattle, most apartments, condos and houses have very basic exterior chimneys, that smoke, create a backdraft, and let all the heat out through the chimney "to the magpies", as a Finnish colloquialism says. With the notoriously rainy weather, our area often has air quality burn bans in effect throughout the winter, because the low pressure system that brings rain also traps the smoke from fireplaces at ground level. The open fireplaces I eschew really aren't worth the hassle. If you have a modern, well built fireplace with a secondary burn stage in the firebox, and burn well-seasoned, dry wood, the smoke has a minimal impact on air quality.

Although trees take a couple of decades to grow to a size where they can be harvested, they are much faster to grow than oil reservoirs. To me, a neighbor trying to light up their BBQ is much worse to me than a wood fire, as the lighter fluid they use causes my allergies to flare up. To each their own.
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Hey Rodney, lighten up, if you don't like it don't do it. Funny how you enjoyed the right to do it for years and that was ok. Why didn't you come to that conclusion that wood was so terrible sooner, why did it take YEARS? There is nothing so hypocritical and laughable as a "former" something or other.
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One of the best EPA stoves on the market with an excelent build quality has to be Pacific Energy. I realy love their Alderlea Range T5 or T6 model which gives you long burn times and a very high efficiency. You have to watch a video to see its double combustion in action.

Hypnotizing in winter to be in front of it.


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