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My daughter's dorm experiences included "triple" rooms and bunk beds or elevated beds - even in the so-called ADA accessible room (it had a wheel chair accessible shower in the bath!). Nothing was allowed to be attached to the walls and storage was minimal. The so-called 3' closet actually measured 32 inches inside. Desks were placed under the beds. Extra lighting was essential as was a powerstrip to plug in all the tech gear.

My advice would be to buy inexpensive items that can be donated or tossed out at the end of the year. Kids are really hard on their dorm possessions and without parents nagging them to do laundry, change bedding, wash dishes the stuff just gets abused. Bedding is one of those items, even with laundry rooms in the dorm the wait to get a turn was discouraging. They also suffered a lot of abuse with all the awkward motions getting into/out of the raised bed. Two sets of sheets is a good idea if there is storage for the extra set and you might get a second year of use. Pillows are disposable items. My daughter did enjoy having a body pillow for extra style and use as a bolster.

One year daughter had an "apartment" style dorm in a 1950s building with a kitchenette and a small living room. I bought a "C" table (from Target) that could be positioned as a coffee table or vertically as a writing desk. Great purchase - it got used by everyone. If the dorm room has its own bath I suggest an over the toilet shelf unit for room mates to share. And buy your own disposable shower curtain so that when move-out day occurs you can put the original back up and incur no damage fees.

Items I would not buy for college kids as they end up in dumpsters at year end include : iron and board, mini-refrigerators (so gross inside), and blenders for smoothies, etc.

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It is Very Nice for a small space.
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Add a trunk to save space and keep important things safe on any corner of the room. Cool article, I love it.


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