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Kissedbycows. Thank you for letting me know what the second corning video was. I saw the first one a while back and have been wondering how to ensure my plans for the custom home we are building in the next two years will be compatible with that sort of technology.

I love how connected tech can keep us to those we love. I have friends in more than 20 countries and love that I can reach out and communicate with them instaneously whever they are.

I'm going to watch the 2nd corning video now.

Gilliane, I have friends who feel the same. No issues. But I find it interesting that you mention six degrees of abstraction from what is real as determined by our senses. If you delve into quantum physics you'll see that our senses are merely interpreting energy so that we perceive it as real. That is one reason why we do not all see the same (our interpretation devices (eyes, for example) are set to different settings. It is why neither is wrong when two people argue about what color something is - each is seeing it the way it shows up on their monitor. We just think we all see the same because we have come to a lot of agreements and make a lot of assumptions. I see the tech as expanding our ability to interpret. From the earliest TV's and radio's to the more sophisticated gadgets of today - they all just do very specialized jobs of what our senses have always done. But we still use our brains to interpret the output.

It is all about how one uses them. Tech can be used to withdraw and be isolated from life and others or to embrace life on a broader scale and connect with others in an expansive way.

Thanks for this article. I am watching all of this closely as the house plans firm up and try to anticipate what will be needed to incorporate the features I will benefit from the most.

I also love looking behind the scenes. How much fun it must be to have this sort of idea and be able to bring it to fruition. The creativity that can become reality today is positively delicious.
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This tech is already being used in a London restaurant Inamo - great food as well!!
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Emily H
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