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Those are great photos. I really like what they did here. (
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FourSeasons MetalWorks

Stainless steel can be a beautiful and modern look for any kitchen. Pictured below is a stainless steel countertop with an integral welded in sink made for a client. With stainless steel, it looks great while still being one of the most sanitary countertop materials there are.

Hermitage · More Info

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I have installed stainless steel counters into my Historic 1860s home. The kitchen was a 1920s add on, and the counters look like they belong and somehow have a period feel. Maintenance is a breeze, since we got a patina finish that is not super shiny, but rather buffed and scratched. Looks great, handles everything from hot baking pans to crafting. Never going to install anything else now that I have experienced stainless counters.


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