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forzaitalia...I lived in a tiny terraced house in Oxford, which I loved. The lady next door chain smoked, her smoke somehow coming through our staircase wall and making life in that beautiful little house horrible. Short of asking her to stop smoking, she obviously had no intention of doing so, fair enough...I moved :( Crazy, but I too get how irritating the neighbouring smoking situation can get. This, from a reformed smoker who thankfully gave up 40 years ago. Finally :)

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Jod Pea
I can smell it when I'm sat at my desk at the back bedroom window too but I know that window needs some attention. I had no idea it could come though the walls/chimney too, suddenly I am glad their landlord makes them smoke outside!
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La Habra Fence Company

Looks really amazing! I loved all the designs but the one
where we have used slim, bushy-topped tall trees is the best way to create a
secluded spot in your garden.


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