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This is the best part of my home office & working from home!
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By far, the best thing I ever did for my home office was to move my office from a room with a single exposure, into a corner bedroom with daylight from windows on two sides of the room. The next best thing (a very close contender for best thing) was to place my small desk in the center of the room, on an angle. I can look out either window, but I'm away from the glare -- I love my space now. Behind me is a closet, and angled behind is the entry to the room. While I am a follower of feng shui, I work from home, while no one else is at home, so the only one who creeps up on me is my attack cat.
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California Fence Company
I have a huge table where I can accomodate all my stuff at the same time and which still gives me plenty of space to work. My laptop is also generally placed here. I have an extremely comfortable leather chair with armrests and cushions and a low stool to act as a footrest. I have put up quotations on the wall opposite me. I am a great one for quotes and this keeps me going besides providing inspiration.

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