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Hi All,

As a new homeowner, my partner and I were drawn to the simple fact that we have finally got on the property ladder.The house we are living in now, is cute and relatively small. The colours are neutral, so we can slowly put our stamp on things etc.

My question to you is:

We are looking to sell in a couple if years time, and were wondering about the colour scheme. Could, as a couple in their late 20s,get away with putting some colour into the house - would it sell, as the thoughts are there to add at least *something* a little bit wild...

As first time home owners, any advice would be welcome,

Thanks :)

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CDR Design, LLC

Would it sell with color on the walls? Yes, eventually. The answer partially depends on the market. A colorful house is more likely to sell in a seller's market than in a buyer's market.

However, all things considered, homes with a neutral paint color sell more quickly on average than homes with a strong colors. Not only does the neutral paint make the spaces feel larger, but a neutral paint simply appeals to a greater number of people.

A strong paint color on walls stands out, in particular, when a house is sold empty.

Buyers today screen houses online and the decision on a given house is made in 8 seconds or less.

If you plan on selling in a couple of years, I would advise you not to add color to the walls. Or, if you want to paint the walls, plan on taking the time or expense to repaint them when you sell.

There are plenty of ways to add color to a space without painting. Here is just one example of a room with neutral walls, but plenty of personality.

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