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I used several shades of charcoal in my master bedroom and master bathroom. The effect is certainly cozy! I agree that natural wood tones are a must when working with charcoal, although not limited to lighter wood (which lends itself to a modern look). In my bathroom, I used several pieces of antique pine furniture, and bedroom used antique oak pieces. The warmer wood tones give the charcoal walls a much more traditional feel. Both rooms are still able to avoid feeling dark and heavy through the contrast of white

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V Belle
Dark khaki is not for this former Army brat! Growing up on military bases, it was EVERYWHERE ! I think they took the leftover tank paint and put it on everything else...interiors of homes, exterior trim, schools, PX buildings, officer and enlisted men's clubs, and of course the uniforms. Relentlessly drab!
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Susan Finlay
Already have the charcoal paint - Graphite by Behr. It's going across the whole main wall of the living area. The bulkheads are already in this colour - they'll get a spruce-up. I love the ambience of dark colour in rooms. And yes - wood! Wood is plentiful in this home. It looks wonderful against dark walls, though our sofa is ivory. Should look good too, I expect. (Hope...)

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