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Can you elaborate on the process / sequence when installing wood floors, integrated color plaster walls, and no baseboard? Do the wood floors get installed before the plaster (and then protected) or does plaster happen before the wood floors? My designer specified this look but my contractor and sub contractors are struggling with who gets to go last and this has less risk of touch up! Thanks!

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Peggy Tupper

Freespace Design LLC A builder builds. Companies with proprietary products do not send samples or marketing material to builders because, the builder would just toss it. Interior decorators get samples and materials and they stockpile them to embellish their business demeanor. A Fry Reglet baseboard is not something a builder would know about because it is likely a very expensive option.

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Freespace Design LLC
It’s actually quite a common item in commercial design. However until more residential builders find themselves building more modern designs and understanding that a lot of the detailing is quite different from more traditional style and has to be learned that’s going to happen. To retrofit that type of baseboard is more expensive but for new build it’s cost effective.....if done correctly. Like most modern design details, you can’t just stick a piece of molding over the top of something to hide less than stellar workmanship.
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