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Diane Ward
what about an exterior door that the jamb doesnt have to go, just where the door hits or stops. A Jig saw?
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I've never hung a door before until a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see that a hollow-core door was secured to the wall by just the trim. Now that I have a woodcore doors it requires shimming and nailing and screwing the door to the wall. I've done five doors so far but it still takes me about a 45 minutes to get it installed square and level. What works best for me is to level and attach the hinge side and adjust the latch side so that the gap between the door and jamb is even all the way around. Just avoid screwing the 2.5" screw through the hinge and into the wall too tight. It will twist the jamb a little and cause the door to drift open if not closed.
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Windsor Plywood
We have lots of prehung door units available and our in-store door shops make installation easy if you aren't a DIYer.
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