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Alec's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning LLC

Never use Windex on a stain on carpet. Yes, some Windex formulas contain ammonia, some contain vinegar. Both ammonia and vinegar can be good cleaners themselves for the right type of stain on certain fibers but Windex also contains dye that serves no purpose. On many stains I tell people to use a cup of warm water, one teaspoon of a neutral detergent like thrill, ivory liquid or other dish washing detergent and an ounce of clear non sudsy ammonia. Great basis clearer but again, with so many different stains and so many different fibers the stains could be on, why not get the exact advice for that stain. Go to our web site and contact me through our contact page if you don't see that particular stain or problem listed in our blogs. I will get back to you with exactly what to do. 

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I once removed a 10 inch diameter ink stain from an inkjet printer on a bedroom carpet in a vacation rental. I poured 2 % hydrogen peroxide on it and it disappeared like magic. Sometimes you can't just leave a stain. I think the article was written for the rug cleaning industry.
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Lila Dubois
This article is basically an ad for professional carpet cleaning. For many of us who can’t always afford that, there is no helpful advice. The comments are more helpful than the article. The title should be changed to,”How to deal with a carpet stain when using professional carpet cleaners” or something that doesn’t overpromise.

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