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Anthony Perez

I used open shelves ( for everyday use items so dust collecting is not an issue) large-deep sink with integrated drain and cutting board, and plenty of counter space flanking sink and range

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virtual solutions

.... there is a distinct difference between a residential kitchen (or designed space....).... and a commercial kitchen there can obviously be a little wriggle room - or gray areas to combine the lines or blur it a little...

Having said that... some materials can be in a hazardous space of being overutilised such as stainless steel - which lets face it was all the rage for years and years.... it almost replaced ceramics with its practicality and what not... however it is not so impersonal.... it has still remained as cold as as a cosmonaut sharing a lager with Buzz near Pluto.... yet... however teenagers will endeavour their..... products..... it is a designers potential target outcome to attempt to supply a finished product where the managing of such an outcome... can be achieved more proficiently..... (and possibly the architect and the home owner.....)

The point is design..... to maybe not get all the way personal with just one persons taste for general use spaces... yet to not over distance yourself from a space each shall be spending time in... to enjoy some of the aspects in a said design and the eventual elements that have been decided upon....

For numerous if not most folk an renovation is the culmination of years of hard work and a target outcome is desired to be as...... accurate....... as possible...

so of course... at least a couple of the aspects must be in relation to what the home owner fancies.... yet it is the Architectural designers, the interior decorators job and a variety of others to attempt to temper the ambition for snatch and claim the options... for this is the inevitable destination of almost every single renovation, when seeing options... each become so enamoured with the tug of war of themes and this and that.... that a particular destination must be carved out within the rational budget....

I think in general terms a similar approach could be taken to the material utilised within a kitchen space (be it residential or commercial....)... to balance a series of materials.. colours and textures within a space - obviously the form and function rule can have envelopes which ebb and flow.. in both commercial and residential kitchens.. there are some aspects, surely, a person would not like to include in a dream kitchen... yet function can be a little more in the design for commercial than the others....

All I can say is.... a few elements like traffic flow and what not within an existing layout should be considered not as... procedures for an eventual design... more like guidelines... vague guidelines - that a person can observe... thinking about whom is going to potentially utilise a space.. (... including ..... in laws....) then manufacturing a theme for some living area or where the natives make their Wachos.. (that is wedges meet Nachos - with expensive cheese,....).... with Colour palettes that might not be as cold as every commercial space.

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Gail Hara
Can I cover slump stone with ew rock covering

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