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I'm Jj
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one article says avoid soy based foam and then you promote the Modern Luca with soy based foam cushions? I have been trying to research a good safe padded glider and I believe they don't exist.

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@aracelli, the Luca is actually (in my opinion) one of the greenest upholstered products you'll find on the baby goods market. PU Foams are ALWAYS a problem, whether they are soy-based or not, and across all manufacturers (not shouting at you, just making the emphasis!). A natural latex foam cushion would be an eco-friendly option, but some people have latex allergies, so that's a consideration. You can also try down-wrapped foam; some green designers believe the down helps to encapsulate the foam a bit (not very scientific, obviously!). Some manufacturers, like Furnature, make spring cushions for their products, which is constructed a bit like a traditional spring mattress (I believe they still offer that option, but you'll need to double-check their website). Cisco Brothers is also a "bright" green furniture manufacturer that might offer some foam alternatives. As a last resort, you might consider a non-upholstered rocker for your baby nursery, i.e. solid wood construction with no pad, or a custom pad you have made with a natural latex cushion (emphasis on natural -- the term latex is used today to describe many synthetic products). You could also buy a rocker of your choice and have the seat cushion "restuffed". First, though, you should find a local upholsterer who can provide you with a natural latex foam replacement cushion. You might find some retailers online, too. Another note: look for foam with no added flame retardant chemicals. To learn more about that, you can visit the NRDC website ( and search for Safer Sofas. Good luck! And good for you for looking for the most eco-friendly and baby-safe options :)


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