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For yearbooks? Take them apart at the seams. Immediately discard pages that have no relevance. Run all the remaining sheets through a scanner. Save them to your computer. Once they are on your computer you can edit, delete, "scrapbook" or create your own digital collage of only the important people/events/teachers in your history. Have a backup of the pages with you in it, but otherwise you can send the rest off for recycling.


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My sister and I are lucky enough to have parents that for the last few years have been purging books etc so we don't have to. There's a lot of art which we are asked what we'd like now. Dad has addresses etc of auction companies for the art, jewelry, furniture that we may not want. But, it is wanted and I'm lucky enough to have a stepdaughter who will appreciate and care for alot of these things. And I trust to keep what is and is not important.

The paper mementos that I've seen are meaningful enough for me to keep for at least the grandchildren to decide what to do with. I'm married to their grandfather and as they're toddlers my history will also be their history.

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Amy Marini

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