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I checked out this article to find examples of what to AVOID. I already have enough invasive plants. True, some come in from the surrounding field and woods (lady ferns, for one). Others, sadly, I planted myself. Among these I number some unfortunate lovelies like lily-of-the-valley and vinca. I'm also reining in a dead nettle that escaped from a hanging basket. I finally eradicated the sweet woodruff my mom gave me, but she gave me another that manages to defy my deep pound-in edging.
I will say that my asters have stayed neatly in place for several years, but I do feel I should have been warned about the bee balm and several others, including ornamental grasses; nurseries should have warning labels, like those required of cigarettes.
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Great article - very useful and easy to follow ideas!
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Shame on you for suggesting gooseneck loosestrife! It’s a terrible invasive thug!


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