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Microgreens (eaten raw only) - the latest salad trend even though they (most) contain about 5x the amount of nutrients than the manure leaves of the same plant.They are tiny greens from vegetables and herbs. The flavor is more intense. You eat the entire plant - seed, sprout and leaf.

The drawback is the nutritional content varies widely as it depends on where they are grown, harvested and type of soil used. Once harvested, they have to be used immediately since there are just a very few days of self life. Cannot be depended upon for balance nutrients.

They are also sold typically in plastic containers which deteriorate the product. And you really don't know what is in the container as to the amounts of the greens listed. So best to grow your own.

If you use them in hot soups, the will quickly change. Better to use as garnish. Cooking isn't recommended.

I have regular gardens and a few fruits (figs, blackberries, limes, peaches, satsuma and pears. Love fresh foods. They do taste better than store bought - probably because of the time between harvest - transportation - warehouse storage - to supermarket.

Nice article about apartment gardening. It can be done. Keep a close watch because heat and air of apts can change up care of your plants.

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Would love to grow some microgreens but no remaining suitable Window locations and no idea what type of grow cabinets are available in Australia, if any.
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Lidia Zitara

The "Easter baskets" are an ancient pre-hellenic tradition derived from Adone/Attis creed. It is widespread in Italy, especially in Southern Italy ("Italia" was the ancient name of a region now known as "Calabria").


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