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I have a question for any painting pros out there. My dining room walls were painted a medium teal Benjamin Moore Aura. I hired pros to paint it Benjamin Moore Mascarpone which is a creamy white. It took 3 coats which they say with this paint is unheard of. What would cause this to happen? There is a wood burning stove in the room and its an open floor plan into the kitchen but the cooking area is 20 feet from the dining room. Thanks so much!

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Chris Goodchild

It is likely that there is resin and/or soot residue from the woodburner.Any room where smoking takes place or solid fuel stoves and fires are used should be washed down and tested on a small patch before painting,. then if necessary a sealer should be used before applying the paint.

Decades back when I worked for my dad, we did a lot of work for an aunt who, with her husband was a very heavy smoker.A thorough wash down and 4 coats of Dulux brilliant white followed by two coats of 'obliterating emulsion' would not stop the nicotine bleeding through on the ceilings.

That was an extreme case but in the end we used chlorinated rubber sealer, ( an old fashioned industrial paint) and then painted it.

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My painter used Egg Shell on a bedroom and I wanted flat paint. How do I prepare the wall for repainting with flat paint? The previous color was light blue and we chose a soft white. The sample in flat paint covered everything but the eggshell is bleeding through, even though it said it would cover in one coat.


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