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Lesson learned the hard way: This plant, kalachoe serrata, or Magic Tower, is all over the place here in central Texas, both in the ground, and in pots. We brought a potted one inside for the winter, one of the leaves fell off and our cat played with it, picking it up in his mouth and batting it around, he did not ingest any of the leaf, only slightly bit into it. Long story short it nearly killed him, recovery took months and he had a feeding tube for weeks. Super toxic--much more than what the description in the SPCA list would make you think. Just an FYI as I would hate for any animal or child to go through what mine did.
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Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are edible plants. The flowers are especially tasty.

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since there are so many people with pets these days (thankfully so..!)-they should put a icon on the plant tag..the circle with a dog or cat and a line thru it.


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