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umm, it's Feb 11th and my dining room table is still filled with Christmas ornaments!
But in my defense (the fact that I feel I need one, is telling), we took the Christmas tree down the night before I left town for 2 weeks, my husband left town for 4 days the day after I got home, I manically cleaned the big things so you could walk thru our library finally (moved months ago) and dresser tops were empty for a week before my best friend from CA visited and we were busy every day!
Her dining room table is filled too. We made a bet that we had to have them cleaned by this Thursday night... :)
btw, you mentioned pack everything carefully so your fragile things wouldn't be broken. That's the reason I did not let my husband pack away the ornaments - again!
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I used the back of an attic door to store wrapping paper, and it worked out great!
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helenarch85 - clips and s-hooks? so so so smart! Love it - thanks for sharing!

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