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Diana V. McLean
I planted ajuga here in Va. Beach, Va. Some years, it would disappear and then other years. it would come up several feet from where I originally planted it. It never became invasive. Love it, but certainly understand invasive plants. Makes you wonder what you were smokin when you planted a plant which wants to take over. Many years ago a "friend" gave some roadside lilies to me. Oh my goodness, never, never put these in a perennial garden. Then another "friend" gave some wild violets to me. I was just so uneducated about plants so I took whatever anyone would give to me. Sold that house, so the present owner will have to deal with so many of my mistakes. Hopefully (?????), I have learned to do a little research before being so grateful!!!!!
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You posted Diana and I am back to say that now I am in Southern Indiana and I have ajuga in my yard here (I just found some today that I pulled up) and wild violets (although they still don't bother me).

I have a very little front 'yard' which I inherited when I bought this house last year. I'm seriously considering digging it all up and making it a bulb garden :-)
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Vivien23- Zone 6B

This ground cover looks SO nice. Until the flowers fade - then you have to cut them off - a horrible job! And they get into the lawn. Since we can't get Weed & Feed anymore, this is a disaster. I was glad to move away from my ajuga!


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