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We live in Orlando, where the soil is sandy. We fortify with BlakCow. The tea tree is somewhat wispy and thin branched, like a small willow. I'm sure with more growth, they will stiffen and be more tree like. The petal flowers are soooo pretty and small, and abundant when in good bloom. Spring bloom is stronger than our fall bloom, like many flowering plants.

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A coastal I assume it is salt tolerant???? Love to know.....I purchased one a few weeks ago and planted it in a big pot and is out in full sun. I do landscaping in Palm Beach, Fl. so I use salt tolerant plants alot...just aren't to many :/ Could really see using this plant!!!

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it is often found shopping the coastline here in New Zealand and survived the salt spray well. once it is about five years old you can start pruning it to shape, but I would describe it as ideal to shape like giant bonsai rather than a more traditional shape - they can be so stunning CX and you can keep them smallish

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