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Growing up in a 4-Square, we had a hoop attached to the front of our garage which was separate from the house. We ended up with plenty of space to play basketball. The garage was tall enough with a large hedge behind it to prevent any stray shots from going elsewhere. Although we were in a suburban town, houses were close to each other.

Every kid in the 'hood who wanted to play ball would come over and did we have fun. Mom would have lemonade and cookies all ready for us, plus plenty of water. We made lots of friends and my folks made friends of the parents of the kids who came over.

Hours of playing and days of playing were limited by the parents. When we couldn't play we would all go to the park for some baseball or tennis or volleyball. Sometimes we would meet up and skate.

Even my cousin's neighborhood had hoops and they all lived in the city with row houses. Hoops were put in the back between the house and the small backyard. In between was the alley where folks who lived in that block drove in to get to their garage. Kids would simply stop playing in the alley to let the car pass, then go back to playing again. Never any problems.

The only idea above I would nix is if the hoop backed the property lines. Easy enough for the ball to bounce in someone yard and possibly do damage on a vehicle or sculpture or vase or house wall. And you certainly don't want a stray ball roaming down the street.

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Sue Burns
Andrea, I appreciated your comments on working through any concerns with your neighbors, and many people agree. If our basketball playing was ever a problem, I would hope some one would say so and it could be worked out in a non-confrontational way. The bottom line is that both sides need to reasonably respect the others rights. If you work shifts, let your neighbor with the hoop know when you sleep, so play can be adjusted. If it is a landscape issue, put up a net or fence to block balls from getting into a yard, or re- locate your hoop. Sadly, there are some people who are unhappy about whatever their neighbor does. It makes for a very unpleasant situation. I can understand concerns about noise and such, but to be adamant about "no basketball hoops!" sounds like anger. It creates many more problems than it solves.
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Sport Court Midwest

There are so many options when installing a basketball goal or a complete court. We always urge our clients to take their neighbors into consideration when it comes to the hours they play. This is a fun addition to any home that is fun for everyone. There are ways to keep the ball from bouncing in the neighbor's yard! Contact us today!

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