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Lynn Gardner
I have two of these and absolutely love them. It's a nice surprise to see them come back each year. The first year I forgot about them and thought they were asparagus. Hearty and healthy and little maintenance.
And you are right it flourishes in the difficult areas!
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Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens
mphelps1 -- those are genista moth larvae -- they have become REALLY bad. They'll defoliate the plant in a week or two. I struggle with them, and the birds show no interest at all in eating them. I pick them off for ten minutes every day and after a few weeks I still have some leaves at least. I wonder how widespread this problem is becoming......
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It's really disheartening! I do not know how to prevent this from happening. I have been afraid that these genista moth larvae will spread to other plants. So far I do not believe that this has happened.
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