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Damian Disterdick

The giant green thuja. The trees started out very small 20-24'" tall. Five years later, now about 20"tall. I like these trees because they are fast growing but also they do not require trimming. I live in the East bay area.

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Diana Jauregui de Sevilla

Help . I am in southern California. We are looking for a hedge above wall. Our walls are very low per city ordinances (5’) and our house is high. Our backyard is on the smallish side so we heard about “limbing up” trees or bushes to make the space seem bigger (I saw some pics I loved! ) but I cannot find what trees or bishes are good for this purpose . Ideally it will be between 6/ 7 feet w non-invasive roots . Is podocarpus an option ? Suggestions please ? (Attached a pic I like but I can’t do more research bon cause I don’t know what tree it is :( ) help please ...

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Julia LaPalme

Hi Diana, I live in SoCal, too, and am looking to solve a similar problem. I realize this response is a bit late to your post, but I didn't see any other responses to your comment. It looks like the first photo you posted is a Loquat tree, and the second photo is a row of Ficus. I appreciate you posting the photos, as they give me some ideas for my own yard. Thank you!


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