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I wish that ALL companies had the work ethic that JS Construction in Miami, FL. has, but unfortunately not all do.

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Clawson Architects, LLC

Please keep in mind that this is very misleading. The images shown do not correspond to the numbers being tossed around. Floor to ceiling glass cube showers and object tubs alone are quite expensive. Object tubs often require larger water heaters or on demand water heaters and exposed plumbing fixtures. The one glass shower with the transom awning door indicates a steam shower....please show examples of what you get for the "median" price.

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Carol Williams

When our quote for a total master bath remodel came in at $40-50,000, we gulped and started working on bringing costs down. But I still want: freestanding tub, new cabinets, TOTO Washlet toilet, quartz counter, flooring, and a glassed-in shower. I want fixtures that work well for 20 years. We're cutting costs by not changing the layout, giving up the fancy shower fixtures, and doing some of the work ourselves. I agree with Clawson, the pictures show renovations that cost $100,000.


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