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Brian Dosher

mine is about the size of a bathroom, Its my parents older california ranch style home, I have the washer&dryer just installed a new white sink cabinet and over cabinet , have a deep sink , but looking for a cheaper counter , now I'm sorry I tossed the old formica one, as I could have done a epoxy finish on it and changed the color, it was in great shape just avocado green. Mostly this will be used to wash my dachshunds, so doesn't have to be granite or marble

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Jonny Quest

Same here on laundry sink. I use it as the doggy bathtub and washing the odd paint brush or two. Delicates are taken care of in washer on the appropriate cycle. But I don't own very many delicates. I am a blue jean, crisp white shirt sort of gal. LOL!!!

I like the idea of having a regular counter height sink for the doggy bathtub. My dogs are small (mini schnauzer) and it's a great height for bathing. I love the doggy showers in the photos, but as I age I keep in the back of my head that taking care of a dog at that level would be a bit dicey comfortwise. Also I just can't imagine my dogs would remain in place with that set up. Possibly works better for large dogs?

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J&K Morris

I just saw a great idea on one of the UK real estate shopping shows and there was an excellent one showing side-by-side front loader washer/dryer and above that wall-to-ceiling cabinets of varying heights. I liked that concept for storage and on another wall could be a folding counter etc.


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