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Jan Good
I agree! Light is absolutely important to me. We lived for 16 years in a home where I opened the front door so that that light would come through the glass storm door. My current home is pictured -- although it is a narrow urban home with limited windows the light flows in!
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Give me mature trees trimmed up 30 feet any day for a nice moderate sunshade mix.

Our house is FLOODED with sun after 2 PM on the front side. Makes the driveway, garage, front room and front yard absolutely uninhabitable to me. Way too bright and oppressive. Only blackout curtains reduce the glare inside. I'm an amateur mechanic and hate that my hobby room (the garage) is blistering hot in summer.

To each their own.

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I love the sunlight and my kitchen is on the dark side. I really want to add skylights but am sooo afraid t punch those 2 holes on my roof. Should I do it?


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