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I recently replaced the countertops in my 1963 home. When the old counters were pulled up and before the new ones went in, a friend and I wrote notes about current events, when and why i purchased the house and from who and included some words of encouragement. Hopefully when the counters I installed are replaced the current owners will appreciate the notes.

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Before my husband's Alzheimer's Disease became debilitating, he drew some cartoon images on a dark wall in our linen cupboard. What a surprise for future home owners!

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We found a 3 part "treasure map" left by the former owners teen age
daughter in 1987 that lead to a small box in the attic full of her
grandmothers costume jewelry and other tchotchkies. This was within a month of us moving in,
so we contacted the the former owner and sent the note and box on to her, figuring the daughter would want it as a keepsake.

Fast forward a dozen years, during a bathroom renovation we found an earlier draft of the map behind a baseboard molding.


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