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Chris Reilly
Well you either need a new microwave or a stick to match the rest of the kitchen...
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Grant Peacock

fix a wobbly toilet,, go to, stops wobbly quickly and easily , no need to use toilet bolts no need to fix flange below toilet , no need to remove toilet from floor, installs in less than 5 minutes

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KaleidoView Portals

Patricia Peffer, Creator of KaleidoView Portals, has a toilet that was installed a bit too far away from the bathroom wall. Items, like a box of Kleenex, that sit on top of the back of the toilet, tend to want to fall down between the wall and the toilet. Her wallpaper has a pretty flowered pattern. That gave her the idea of a garden theme of décor in that bathroom. To fill in the space behind the toilet, she got a thin white wooden lattice and sawed it off at the bottom to make it shorter. Now, it fits below the towel rack on the wall. The lattice just leans back, from the floor to about 4 inches below the towel rack. If the Kleenex box were to fall, it wouldn't go very far down behind the toilet, without being held up by the wooden lattice. Besides, it's pretty.


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