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Tszuji - Storage for Life
Interesting article. I was surprised to see that increasing st0rage space didn't rank in the projects to do list. RIBA survey released here in the UK today shows that storage remains firmly atop the list of desirables for home owners. See the story here
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Here are some improvement ideas for next year: I do not recall either of these being in the survey...
I wish the survey had listed more specific home improvements -- like storage, and outdoor spaces, side yard design, fences, other outdoor hardscapes, etc. -- and specific "professionals" like handyman, garden designer, etc. I do not recall it doing so.

I also wish it had some (or more) free form fields where we could have submitted comments. For example, we are becoming less satisfied with interior designers. The two we've consulted have both struck out. One mismeasured the kitchen countertops and so we were left with a 0.5 to 1" gap in some places along the walls when their installer layed down the countertop and we were expected to accept his work, pay the full design fee (based on hours spent), and find our own solution to the problem they created after we rejected their single idea for a fix. The other one simply did not pass muster with their ideas for our dining room. We've since seen mush better ideas here.
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I look forward to the great ideas from your site. However, the national survey may be a bit skewed. $450,000.00 average home value of responses.
The median home price, as measured by the National Association of Realtors, was $177,400 in April 2012. hmmmm

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